Announcing the Appointment of Our New Co-CEOs: Paul Dovas and Lance Rickards 

Firstly, a huge thank you to Nan Bosler and Jim Parker for their support in helping us with our CEO recruitment campaign. 

We had an incredible response for our advertisement, with nearly forty applicants with backgrounds from industry, community & social services, and government. We interviewed ten stand-out candidates with demonstrable prior experience in a CEO role and proven achievements in creating successful organisations and helping them scale. We have decided to proceed with two excellent people who will partner as Co-Chief Executive Officers for ASCCA and lead us into our next phase of evolution. Their respective skill sets are highly complementary, and we believe that this will be the right model to accelerate ASCCA’s growth and in turn support you, our member clubs.  

Please join us in welcoming, Paul Dovas and Lance Rickards, to the ASCCA family as Co-CEO’s. Paul and Lance have agreed to join us initially in a voluntary capacity in order to lead funding rounds to support the creation of our new executive and operating teams. They are charged with executing our strategic objectives which most importantly includes, enabling our existing member clubs and inspiring the formation of new clubs to support our seniors across Australia.

A man with a shaved head and glasses, wearing a light-coloured shirt, smiles at the camera. The background is blurred, showing a cityscape with buildings and cars.
A man with short, neatly combed grey hair and glasses, wearing a blue sweater over a light grey collared shirt, smiles at the camera against a plain background.

This new organisational structure will also provide for increased governance across ASCCA by separating the board from the management team and with this renewed focus, we expect to make significant progress. They will be focussed on their on-boarding for the next few weeks and commence engaging more directly with you all as soon as practical. We look forward to the positive impact they will undoubtedly bring to our network and the continued growth and success of ASCCA under their leadership.