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Apple, Windows and Android updates to help you multi-task across multiple devices!

All of Apple’s devices received updates last month – have you made sure to install the latest OS versions? They add new features, such as being able to unlock your iPhone 12 or 13 with Face ID, even if you’re wearing a mask, which is still important in various states and territories of Australia, especially when it comes to public transport. 

iPadOS 15.4 and MacOS 12.3 also allow you to control one or more of your iPads from the keyboard and mouse of your Mac. If you have two Macs you can control both from the one Mac’s keyboard and mouse, too, which can be very handy. 

Windows users can do similar things across multiple PCs with various apps including the free Microsoft Garage Mouse without Borders, which lets you control up to four PCs with a single keyboard and mouse, details here.  

A lot of Samsung’s recent phones and tablets also got updated to Android 12 and the Samsung UI 4.0, so if you have a Samsung smartphone or tablet from the last couple of years, it’s worth going to the Settings, then Software Update, and if an update is there, please install it, not just for new features, but as always, for security too. 

The same goes for most recent Androids, there are security updates on a regular basis and it is easy to skip or miss them – for the security of your online banking, your digital life and more, please check for updates and install them when necessary. Even more updates are coming from April 1, according to Android Central,  so update early and update often. 

In separate news, Google has launched a great video called “The Check Up with Google Health 2022” which you can see here.  

Here you’ll learn how Google is using smartphones as a stethoscope, how a smartphone’s camera can be used to detect eye and other health problems – and more! You’ll learn how Google is helping people with their health through search, Youtube, AI and other means, whether for individuals, caregivers and others. It’s a great 80 minute video worth watching to see how Google is using its technologies to improve people’s lives. 

Alex Zaharov-Reutt
ASCCA Director – Promotions and Sponsorship

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