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Airport Adventures: A Selfie Warning

Picture this: you’re all set for your epic journey or a holiday off to see the grandkids

So, you know those fabulous airport selfies where you proudly showcase your travel spirit along with that snazzy boarding pass? Turns out, there’s a bit of a twist in this digital tale. Sharing those excitement-loaded selfies and boarding pass pics on your favourite social networks can open up a digital doorway for some uninvited trouble.

Imagine this: you’re soaring high in the skies, but so are cyber-hackers who could be eyeing your online presence. Here is a word of caution — those seemingly harmless selfies might just be more than meets the eye. When those precious boarding pass barcodes are out there for the world to see, so are some risks. Yep, we’re talking about potential airline account breaches, sneaky credit card detail heists, and even the swiping of your treasured reward miles.

I know you are excited about the holiday and who wouldn’t want to share that pre-adventure buzz with friends and family? But here’s a little tip: consider hitting pause on the post frenzy until after you touch back down. By keeping those personal digits and codes under wraps, you’re making it a tad tougher for cyber-criminals to play their sneaky games.

Just think about it: without easy access to your info, they can’t hijack your flights or snag your reward miles for an unexpected joyride. So, as you’re buckling up for your next globetrotting escapade, remember that a delayed selfie can sometimes be the sweetest. And hey, once you’re back with a suitcase full of memories, you can flood your socials with all the selfies your heart desires—sans the digital worries.

Brett Levy
Director Marketing