Apple’s iOS 18 Transforming iPhone 15Pro and Pro Max 

Article Credit: Centre for Accessibility Australia 

A hand holding a smartphone displaying the iOS 18 control centre interface. The control centre shows various settings such as calculator, stopwatch, alarms, home, wallet, timer, dark mode, capture, and clock. The background features a blurred computer keyboard and desk, with the text ‘iOS 18’ prominently displayed on the left side of the image. Colourful square icons are positioned on the right side of the image.

iOS 18 is set to transform the user experience on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max with enhanced accessibility options for the Action button! From Control Centre Toggles to customisable shortcuts, this update offers a range of new features designed to meet diverse needs. 

Scheduled for release in September, iOS 18 introduces Control Centre Toggles for the Action button, offering users an array of customisation options tailored to meet diverse accessibility needs. Now, individuals can assign the Action button to a range of controls from the Control Centre gallery, including essential features such as Dark Mode, Aeroplane Mode, and Personal Hotspot, among others. 

While the initial beta release of iOS 18 may lack certain familiar options like Low Power Mode and Orientation Lock, users can still access these functions seamlessly through the Shortcut action. This ensures that individuals relying on accessibility features have uninterrupted access to critical device functionalities. 

These enhancements build upon the existing capabilities of the Action button in iOS 17, which already offered a suite of accessibility-friendly features such as Ring/Silent, Do Not Disturb, Camera, Flashlight, Voice Memo, Magnifier, Translate, Shortcut, and Accessibility settings. By directly integrating additional Control Centre options into the Action button’s functionality, iOS 18 simplifies the user experience for individuals with diverse accessibility needs. 

Excitingly, rumours hint at the Action button extending its reach to all four models of the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup later this year, promising an even broader audience access to these enhanced accessibility controls. 

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