A New Chapter for Our Clubs Forums: Seeking Your Input

A screenshot of a virtual meeting with eight participants in separate video call windows. The participants include William in a home office, Natika with an ASCCA background, Jennifer in a plain room, Ralph in a home office, Marilyn in a living room with a grandfather clock, John in a modern living room, Jeanette in a home setting, and Irith with a background of a building arch. Each person is looking towards the camera.

Our June Clubs Forum marked the conclusion of our current series, as the Round 9 Be Connected Capacity Building funding has come to an end. These forums have been a valuable platform for sharing knowledge, discussing issues, and building a stronger community within ASCCA. 

As we look to the future, we are eager to hear from our members about what you would like to see if we were to reinstate the Clubs Forums. Your feedback is crucial in shaping a format that best serves the needs of both committee members and general members. 

To help us better understand your preferences, please consider the following questions: 

A screenshot of a virtual meeting showing a slide of a presentation with a focus on a table filled with colourful promotional materials and pens for ‘Get Online Week.’ In the background, a group of people are seated around the table, blurred, with laptops and tablets. Participants’ video call windows are on the right side of the screen, showing William, Natika, Ralph, John, Marilyn, Jeanette, Jennifer, and Irith.)

• What topics or areas of interest would you like future forums to cover? 

• How frequently would you prefer these forums to be held? 

• What format do you find most useful (e.g., in-person meetings, online webinars, hybrid events)? 

• Are there any specific speakers or experts you would like to hear from? 

• How can we improve the accessibility and inclusiveness of these forums for all members? 

Your insights and suggestions will play a vital role in designing a series of forums that are engaging, informative, and beneficial to our entire community. 

Please share your thoughts with us, either by contacting your club’s committee or directly reaching out to the ASCCA office. We look forward to your valuable input and to continuing our journey of growth and learning together. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and participation.