April 2024

Intern Introduction

Welcoming Anushka: ASCCA’s New Intern through the McCusker Foundation

We are thrilled to announce that Anushka has joined the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA) as an intern for the coming months, an opportunity made possible by the McCusker Foundation program. Anushka brings with her a fresh perspective and an eager mind, ready to contribute to our mission of empowering seniors through technology.

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"Historical black and white photograph of Pte Simpson and his donkey from the National Archives of Australia. Two soldiers in World War I uniforms stand with a donkey. One soldier is seated on the donkey, while the other stands beside it, both wearing slouch hats and smiles. Rugged terrain and other soldiers in the background indicate a military setting.

While the Anzacs struggled for a foothold on the Gallipoli Peninsula the legend of Simpson and his Donkey was born. Pte John Simpson Kirkpatrick of the 3rd Australian Field Ambulance found a forlorn donkey and called him Duffy. The donkey was docile and he was quickly trained for a new job. 

Simpson worked out that the little donkey could do the work of three stretcher bearers to bring badly wounded soldiers down the precipitous cliff to the casualty clearing station on the beach. Soon they were well known. The two made hundreds of trips up to the front line and back again with some badly wounded digger astride Duffy and supported by the tireless Kirkpatrick. 

About the middle of May Kirkpatrick was killed; he was found with the gentle Duffy standing patiently beside him.

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Amazing New App – Speak to your Plants

Introducing GreenThumb+: The App That Lets Your Plants Speak Their Mind!

This April, ASCCA is excited to unveil a revolutionary breakthrough in gardening technology: GreenThumb+, the app designed to transform your gardening experience by letting your plants communicate their needs directly to you!

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Clubs Forum April 2024

An informative graphic for ASCCA Clubs Forum, a live interactive video conference. The event is scheduled for Friday, 12th April 2024, with time slots across various Australian time zones: 11:00 AM AWST for Perth, 12:30 PM ACST for Darwin, 1:00 PM AEST for Brisbane, 1:30 PM ACDT for Adelaide, and 2:00 PM AEDT for Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart. It occurs on the second Friday of each month. The topic for this session is Grant Writing. Logos include the Australian Government crest, 'Be Connected' initiative, and ASCCA. Contact details provided are an email, office@ascca.org.au, and a Microsoft Forms link. Symbols of a calendar, a clock, and a topic tag punctuate the information.

Maximise Your Club’s Potential: Dive into Grant Writing at Our Upcoming Clubs Forum!

ASCCA Clubs Forum is a monthly gathering designed to enhance your club’s growth and development. This April, we’re focusing on a crucial skill that can significantly benefit your club: grant writing.

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Be Connected – April 2024

A bright, modern library setting with groups of people seated at tables, engaged in discussions. On the right side stands a prominent banner for the "Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA)", showcasing its mission to empower seniors with technology since 1998. The banner displays images of seniors using devices. In the background, bookshelves are filled with various titles, and there's a colourful kids' corner. The environment is well-lit, fostering a communal and collaborative atmosphere.

Progress Update on Be Connected Capacity Building Project – Round 9

As we approach the conclusion of the current Be Connected Capacity Building Project (Round 9) at the end of May, it’s timely to reflect on the significant strides we’ve made towards our goals. The project has been a concentrated effort to enhance the support structure for senior Australians, helping them become more confident and connected in the digital world.

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