August 2023


Laetitia Thompson from Centre for Accessibility Australia

Google Introduces Image-to-Text Feature for Enhanced Accessibility in Chrome on ChromeOS.

By Laetitia L. Thompson, Senior Digital Content Editor at the Centre for Accessibility, Australia.

Google has unveiled a new image-to-text feature in Chrome on ChromeOS. This functionality aims to assist screen readers in working with PDFs, particularly when images lack alt-text descriptions. With the ability to analyze image contents and convert text saved as an image back into machine-accessible text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, this feature enables users who are blind or with low vision, to access PDF content more effectively.

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Brett’s Scam Watch – Online Safety

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty points programs are a popular way for businesses to reward their loyal customers, offering them various incentives and benefits. However, cybercriminals have identified these programs as a new avenue to exploit innocent consumers. Loyalty points scams have been on the rise, with criminals sending deceptive messages to unsuspecting individuals, aiming to steal both their valuable rewards and personal information.

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