2023 Competitions Results

As another year rapidly draws to a close, we’re thrilled to share the results of our annual competitions as we heard at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting earlier in October. We’ve seen some cracking entries this year, and it’s been a real treat to witness such talent within our members.


Poetry Competition

Category 1: HAIKU – Number of entries: 9
Highly Commended: Dianne Williams – ‘Planet Earth’
3rd Place: Carmel Smith – ‘Kookaburras’
2nd Place: Isabel Collins – “Gracie In The Catbird Seat”
1st Place: Annette Walker – ‘Daddy Long Legs’

Category 2: FREE VERSE – Number of entries: 8
3rd Place: Mary Edgar – ‘Include and Transcend’
2nd Place: Ray Chatterton – ‘The Panic Attack’
1st Place: Isabel Collins – ‘From My Shell’

Category 3: SONNET – Number of entries: 5
3rd Place: Carmel Smith – ‘The Love of My Young Life’
2nd Place: Peter Mackinlay – ‘To My Dearest’
1st Place: Mary Edgar – ‘Genealogy’

Category 4: LIMERICK – Number of entries: 8
Highly Commended: Sandra Keen – ‘Computer Pals’
3rd Place: Isabel Collins – ‘Poor Loser’
2nd Place: Annette Walker – ‘Mister’
1st Place: Carmel Smith – ‘Charley’s Demise’

Category 5: ODE – Number of entries: 6
3rd Place: Isabel Collins – ‘The Sneaky Little ‘s’’
2nd Place: Mary Edgar – ‘Earth’s Music’
1st Place: Peter Mackinlay – ‘Sounds of the Bush’

Category 6: ACROSTIC – Number of entries: 10
Highly Commended: Ray Chatterton – ‘I Will Be Kind to Myself’
3rd Place: Carmel Smith – ‘My Soldier’
2nd Place: Mary Edgar – ‘Every Piece’
1st Place: Peter Mackinlay – ‘To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme’

ASCCA Champion Poets 2023:

🥇 Mary Edgar – 36 points
🥈 Isabel Collins – 35 points
🥉 Carmel Smith – 34 points

Creative Writing Competition

Total Entries: 40
Participating Clubs: 4

Category: What my mother (father) said
Joint First Place: Harold Franks (‘I burnt the last one’) and Annette Walker (‘Dust’)
Joint Third Place: Sandra Keen (‘I’ll Have a Half’) and Suzanne Clarke (‘You Catch More Flies With Honey’)

Category: In Transit
Joint First Place: Barbara Bartlett (‘My Favourite Time’) and Carmel Smith (‘The Swagman’)
Joint Third Place: Janet Dods (‘Someone that I used to know’) and Annette Walker (‘Into The Unknown’)

Category: Storm in a Teacup
First Place: Judy Young (‘TV or not TV’)

Category: In the Eeriness of the Night
Joint First Place: Isabel Collins (‘Message from The ‘Other Side’) and Carmel Smith (‘The Scare of a Lifetime’)

Category: The Train
First Place: Isabel Collins (‘Lifeline’)
Joint Second Place: Carmel Smith (‘A Trip to Remember’) and Barbara Bartlett (‘Blondes, Brunettes and Redheads’)

Category: Childhood
First Place: Peter Mackinlay (‘My Earliest Memories’)
Second Place: Annette Walker (‘Nan’)
Third Place: David Castle (‘My Cousin Caesar’)

ASCCA Creative Writer 2023

🥇 Harold Franks – 62.5 points
🥈 Carmel Smith and Annette Walker – 51.5 points
🥉 Barbara Bartlett – 50 points
🏅Highly Commended: Isabel Collins – 48.5 points

Photography Awards 2023

Criteria: Creativity and interpretation. Each entrant allowed one photo per category.

Category: People – significant others
First Place: Pam Doughty (‘Irresistible Charm’)
Second Place: Jan Dods (‘Single Mother of four well-adjusted children’)
Third Place: Annette Walker (‘Inquisitive Mind’)
Highly Commended: Heather (‘Clever Grandma’)

Category: Companionable animals
First Place: Ray Chatterton (‘Pet Python’)
Second Place: Carmel Smith (‘Beautiful Furkid’)
Third Place: Janet Dods (‘I don’t need a fashion guru when I have my cat’)

Category: Nature
First Place: Beryl Elsey (‘Icicles & Snow’)
Second Place: Ray Chatterton (‘A Global Problem’)
Third Place: Annette Walker (‘The Stillness of Fog’)

Category: Shadows
First Place: Ray Chatterton (‘Chasing Shadows’)
Second Place: Beryl Elsey (‘Double Take Of The Cameraman’)
Third Place: Brenton Elsey (‘Dried Arrangement’)

Category: In Transit
First Place: Janet Dods (‘Living in the fast lane’)
Second Place: Barbara Bartlett (‘Cup of tea’)
Third Place: Suzanne Clarke (‘Amazing motion’)

Category: Simplicity
First Place: Judy Young (‘The Last Rose’)
Second Place: Annette Walker (‘Simply Uplifting’)
Third Place: Sally Morton (‘A broken man’)

Category: Close Up
First Place: Barry Keen (‘Feather in closeup’)
Second Place: Sandra Keen (‘Busy Bee at Work’)
Third Place: Helen Gardner (‘Fun Flight’)

Photo Champions of 2023

🥇 Champion Photographer: Ray Chatterton – 130 points
🥈 Annette Walker and Janet Dods – 80 points
🥉 Beryl Elsey – 60 points
🏅Highly Commended: Barbara Bartlett and Barry Keen – 50 points

Congratulations to all winners and participants for showcasing their talents!  We will be working towards uploading the winners entries to our website over the coming weeks, be sure to check back on some of the exemplary talent that ASCCA has hidden away in its members! 

Susan Jensen
Competition Convenor