Meet Our People

Nan Bosler, a portrait of an elderly woman with short white hair, laughing joyfully. She is wearing a blue and green patterned blouse, a blue necklace, and a watch. The white background highlights her bright expression and colorful attire.

Nan Bosler AM

Emeritus President

Portrait of a smiling elderly woman with short, wavy grey hair, wearing glasses and a black V-neck top. She has a gold necklace with a round pendant and is standing against a plain grey background.

Jennifer Willcox


Dallas Parkes, a close-up portrait of a senior woman with short grey hair and glasses, displaying a soft smile. She's wearing a top with a leopard print pattern. The background features a blurred mix of warm colors, possibly indicating an outdoor setting.

Dallas Parkes

 Treasurer and Company Secretary

Portrait of Brett Levy, a man with dark hair and a warm smile, wearing a grey striped button-up shirt. The photo has a soft-focus background in light tones that gently fades out, emphasizing the subject in the foreground.

Brett Levy

Director – Marketing

Janice is looking at the camera and smiling, she's wearing a grey shirt with lace on the sleeves, she has shoulder length hair

Janice Tong


Joseph Vijay is wearing a grey suit with a pink tie and is smiling at the camera

Joseph Vijay