Annual General Meeting 2022

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Twenty First Annual General Meeting of voting Members of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association, ASCCA, will be held at the conclusion of the 
Australian Technology Conference for Seniors, online via Zoom, on Thursday, 10th November 2022 at 4.30pm AEDT

Annual reports
Election of Board Members

RSVP by 23rd October 2022, giving name of Club and delegates attending, to

Registration for attendance at the AGM will need to be completed separately.  This will be hosted in a different link to the Conference, to allow appropriate governance measures.  

* You will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting once your registration has been verified by our Secretary.  We encourage everyone to add this information to their calendar for easy access directly after the conference.  We will also re-send the joining information at the end of the conference in case you have misplaced it in the interim.

Only financial member clubs can vote 

        Motions to be considered at the Annual General Meeting

Should a financial club wish to submit a motion for consideration at the AGM that motion must be moved and seconded by two financial members of your club and should be sent to and received no later than 17th October 2022 to allow it to be included on the final agenda which will be published on the ASCCA website and sent to clubs no later than 31st October 2022.

At the AGM no items of General Business or motions will be accepted from the floor (Attendees). 

Nominations to the Board

There are nine positions to be filled – four (4) Office Bearers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary and five (5) Directors.

Nominations are invited from persons eligible for election (see attached nomination forms).  Current members of the Board are eligible to nominate for re-election.  

The ASCCA Board is a working committee and each member is expected to accept an appropriate workload to ensure the growth and development of the Association.  A copy of the code of conduct that all Directors are required to sign is available on request.

Please submit a completed nomination form, profile (as a word document) and JPEG photograph that MUST be emailed to  The profile should include details of the skills and experience that the nominee has to contribute to the development and growth of ASCCA. Those seeking re-election should include in their profiles details of what they have contributed to ASCCA during their period as a Board member.  Nominations must arrive by 23rd October 2022 to allow time for the profiles to be distributed with the Agenda.  Length of profile should be 200 words or less.

7.5    Eligibility for Election

“Prior to being elected or taking a governance role with the Association one must have a DIN and produce it when applying for a position with the Association.

The nomination must be seconded by a member of the Executive Members of the Management Committee.  

The nomination must include the written consent of the candidate, and the proposed position. Should the nominee be elected, failure by him/her to disclose any pecuniary interests, or possible conflict of interests with the Association’s Vision, Mission and objectives, will result in instant dismissal. The Board shall not be obliged to give reasons for the dismissal.”

See attached nomination forms

(from ASCCA Constitution) 

Form A

For an eligible person from a Seniors Computer Club Management Committee

Form B

For an eligible member from a Seniors Computer Club who is not a part of the management committee

Form C

For any person who is not a member of any member club or Association, who’s interests are to enhance the future development of ASCCA

Note: A proxy form will be sent with the Agenda should there need to be a ballot for the election or motion/s that will require a vote.

Note:  The full ASCCA Constitution is available here